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One of the most popular and unique experiences at The Golden Braid is sitting down with one of our readers. Our intuitives have a variety of talents, honed through years of service and study. Whether you have specific questions or are just reflecting on the general state of your life, these spiritual guides are here to help. If you are interested, please read through the various biographies of each reader to get a feel for who you would like to work with or give us a call and we'll try to help you find the right one. Currently our experienced intuitives include Ross Gigliotti, Shawn Lerwill, EmilySpirit, Will Richardson, and Myndy.

60 Minute Reading: $80

40 Minute Reading: $60

30 Minute Reading: $45

1 hour for $125: Astrological Chart with Shawn

(must provide birth date information one week prior to scheduled appointment)

Call to schedule your appointment today. 801 322 1162

Ross Gigliotti
(Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri)

Ross Gigliotti is our Italian intuitive from the old and new world combined. Coming from a family of great intuition and depth, he began to demonstrate his natural abilities as a psychic at a very young age. As a preschooler, Ross would draw pictures of events days before they would appear in the newspaper. He graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in microbiology and pursued careers in science, music and construction.

After being led to develop and explore his psychic abilities, Ross began his work with people to help coach them through various life transitions. He does this by aptly sorting through the many patterns and complexities of each person in a way that he can find the seed that continues to cause suffering in our lives.
Ross is a strategist and will help you navigate through the pathways of your life that have been previously challenging or blocked. He has worked through so many of his own challenges that his clients can feel and trust his skills.

Shawn Lerwill
(Mon, Tues, Wed)

Shawn is a true clairvoyant and is highly skilled in Tarot and Astrology with specialty in psychic readings. He has been an influential trainer for consciousness growth for over a decade. Shawn is based in Salt Lake City but serves clients globally.

Shawn is trained in Tarot and Astrology but prefers a direct connection to the higher realms for answers. His heightened sensitivity to subtle energies, which he has come to trust completely, empowers his clients and shows them how to trust their own intuition.

Shawn is a presence of gentle consciousness, awareness and understanding. His spirit and lightness create an environment of comfort and safety with everyone. He is known for his ability to feel beyond the body and into the permeating awareness that connects us all.   A reading with Shawn is a unique, memorable, and valuable experience. Clients are inspired and feel an opening to an existence they sense but may not have known how to access.

His life changed dramatically in 1998 after surviving a life-threatening car accident which injured a part of his brain and miraculously opened other parts to compensate. He was forced to perceive the world on a new level, and as a result, his awareness has become an exceptional tool for ending suffering. He has utilized the higher realms for his own recovery and personally depends on them every day. Shawn will tell you that his real passion lies with guiding people into oneness in order to tap into the natural gifts we all possess for true elevation and meaningful awakening.



William Richardson

William Richardson is a self-taught astrologer and an artist of tarot interpretation. Ten years ago, he started looking at his horoscope, initially for fun, and then he devoured every book he could find on the topic. After a while he began to develop his own impressions and opinions about what it felt like to have Venus in retrograde or Saturn in the eighth house versus the seventh house. He started talking to everyone he knew about the Zodiac and began sharing his insights with friends. Soon he was using astrological patterns to evaluate personal relationships and began lending his astrological insights to friends.

Will approaches the symbols of both astrology and tarot through many lenses when he interprets them. He draws upon mysticism, energy, the physical symbols on the cards, combined with the current astrological patterns influencing a client. He believes that these forces combined can deliver a message which is specific and personal to each client. He also acknowledges the psychological impact of various images on each person and believes that this lends an even deeper significance to certain images within a reading. He believes strongly in a clients own intuition and often encourages them to take a leap of faith when they are called to do so.


(Thu, Fri)

Myndy is a wild woman who’s always felt deeply called to be of service to humanity for the greater good.  A natural born Warrior Of Love, she values both light and dark as equal saviors to our souls.  She works with your guides and angels through her divine connection to the Universe.  She is a clear channel to ask your deepest inquiries about your destiny and life path.  Whether your questions concern romance, career, karma, curses or curiosity, she will guide you to the truth in all things great and small.
She has been a professional reader for 4 years and has traveled to destinations near-and-far sharing the beauty, truth, freedom, and above all things—LOVE that she sees in all of life.  Her goal is to guide clients in accessing the insight of their own soul’s longings.
She offers Tarot readings, crystal readings, and chakra balancing work.  After meeting with Myndy clients describe feeling clear, fully in control, and conscious of what next steps they need to take on their journey.