Our New Favorite Audio


Meditations of the Heart  
By: Marianne Williamson and Andrew Harvey

Have you ever felt a tide of love rising within you and then wondered, “How can I use this amazing power to fulfill my purpose and help others?” With this audio, New York Times bestselling author Marianne Williamson joins spiritual activist and luminary Andrew Harvey to guide us into a rich series of contemplations, questions, and practices to liberate and engage the love within us.

Native American Healing Meditations
By: Lewis Mehl-Madrona, M.D, PhD

Western medicine often sees healthcare as a battle against a disease or injury. Healers from the Native American tradition believe that true healing comes through dialogue in which we open ourselves to the wisdom our afflictions have to offer. 

Kind Awareness: Guided Meditations for an Inner Revolution
By: Noah Levine

When faced with the injustice and suffering of the world, Noah Levine rebelled by getting angry-even though his bitterness almost led to his self-destruction through drugs and violence. What changed? With Kind Awareness, Levine shares foundational Buddhist insights and practices for uncovering our true nature and our innate potential for wisdom and compassion- so we can transform our passion into a meaningful force for good in our lives and the world.

Reduced to Joy
By: Mark Nepo

The infinitely varied journeys of our lives share a common destiny: to be worn of excess till we are reduced to joy. This audio learning program presents the latest work of poet-philosopher Mark Nepo in six profound sessions that invite us to the life-giving task of discovering and returning to what matters. From his most recent book “Reduced to Joy”, Mark selects more than 40 poems that help us stay in relationship with the mystery of life and engage in conversation with Spirit.