The following excerpt is taken from one of our favorite new cookbooks, Full Moon Feast, by Jessica Prentice, written about the deep connection all people groups have with the cycle of seasons. We offer this as the introduction to our spring newsletter and hope that you will enjoy it and find it as inspiring as we did.

Sap Moon

Once again we shall
See the snow melt
Taste the flowering sap
Touch the budding seeds.
Smell the whitening flowers
Know the renewal of life.

        --From an Anishnabeg (Ojubway)Thanksgiving for Spring,
                    Translated from the Anishabeg

"Our sense of time and the seasons is based on the rhythms of life on planet Earth. Darkness gives way to daylight; the sun moves through the sky until its setting blankets the Earth in darkness again. At night the moon and stars shine clear against the black canopy of the sky, and they appear to move until daylight overtakes them.

We live our lives, literally, day by day; walking in the morning, working through the day, resting in the evening, and sleeping at night. While we know that the spinning of the Earth on its axis accounts for this rhythm—it takes twenty four hours for the planet to spin once around—beautiful sunrises and sunsets still have the power to take our breath away, and to make us aware of the miracle of life on our planet."