Winter Product

Sonoma Hot and Cold Wraps

Sonoma wraps can be heated or refrigerated to soothe sore muscles. These have been a Golden Braid bestseller for years and make perfect gifts.

Buddha Board

Not sure what to get your boss for the Holidays? Why not a Buddha Board? Every image he or she paints on the board with water will slowly fade. It can hold thousands of paintings and will last for years.


Tokyo Milk Dark Body Cologne

The creators of this line have blended unique and earthy aromas that will appeal to both men and women. Each aroma is carefully blended and contains only quality ingredients.


Lotus Jewelry Co. Birthstone Necklaces

Each Birthstone Necklace by Lotus Jewelry Studio includes a description of the symbolic meanings of each birthstone, hand wrapped in silver or gold wire. These necklaces are sold with a seed infused packaging paper. After you wear your necklace, you can plant the paper, anywhere that wildflowers grow.