Spring Product

Humorous Blue Q Oven Mitts

This is the perfect gift for that friend of yours who enjoys sitting under trees, reading books about squirrels in the company of squirrels. Super-insulated. 100% cotton.

Rosy Rings Scented Wax

Wax sachets combine beautiful fragrance with visual beauty in a unique and fun way. Each beautiful sachet comes in a charming box, and it is tied with hand-dyed silk ribbon. Made in Colorado by Rosy Rings.


Skinny Coconut Oil Skin Products

This Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil is the only 100% raw, alkaline coconut oil in the world. Skinny coconut oil is 100% pure, and when in its liquid state, you can see the difference. We take pride in our product, and ensure that we will never add chemicals, fillers, or preservatives.


Lotus Jewelry Co. Birthstone Necklaces

Each Birthstone Necklace by Lotus Jewelry Studio includes a description of the symbolic meanings of each birthstone, hand wrapped in silver or gold wire. These necklaces are sold with a seed infused packaging paper. After you wear your necklace, you can plant the paper, anywhere that wildflowers grow.